Some humming songs by Sophie Isogai


Some humming songs by Sophie Isogai

Tokyo-based brand NICENESS welcomes photographer Sophie Isogai as a creative partner to create a fashion story that captures everyday life in Tokyo.


Emi and Adau are working as models in Japan. Their life in Tokyo is hectic as they work hard for shoots. On their days off, they enjoy strolling the streets humming to themselves without worrying about the time. At such times, everyday moments that are usually overlooked become very special. Tokyo is filled with many different colors.


In this story, Mayu Takahashi styles FW22 and SS23 collections of NICENESS against the backdrop of Tokyo’s local atmosphere. Sophie Isogai’s unique perspective documents the relaxed moments that are an extension of everyday life.

東京を拠点とするブランド『NICENESS』がフォトグラファー「Sophie Isogai」をクリエイティブパートナーに迎え、‘東京での日常’を切り取ったファッションストーリーを制作。


本ストーリーは東京のローカルな雰囲気漂う街を背景に「Mayu Takahashi」が『NICENESS』のAW22コレクションとSS23コレクションを織り交ぜてスタイリング。「Sophie Isogai」ならではの視点で日常の延長にある心地よい瞬間をドキュメントした。

Creative Direction & Photography : Sophie Isogai (KiKi Inc.)
Art Direction : Kenji Ishiki (Vowel Inc.)
Styling : Mayu Takahashi
Hair & Make Up : Yoko Hirakawa (mod’s hair)
Model : Emi & Adau
Production : Vowel Inc.